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The most important time for development of speech, language and communication takes place within the first three years of life. A child’s ability to hear is critical for this development to take place. While most infants are screened for hearing loss at birth, many do not undergo this critical screening. Unfortunately, many children develop hearing loss or never have another screening until after this period of development has passed.

Sertoma Club of York partners with SpiriTrust Lutheran® to offer free hearing screenings for young children throughout the community at local childcare centers. Our goal is to identify young children with a hearing loss that may interfere with the development of communication skills and/or educational performance so parents, child care administrators and educational professionals can take appropriate action to minimize the barriers to learning that hearing loss presents.

Participating childcare centers are asked to:

  • Contact us to schedule one of our available sessions.
  • Distribute and obtain a signed parental consent form for each child receiving a hearing screening.
  • Provide a quiet room equipped with a table and chairs.
  • Bring children to the designated screening room and return them to their classrooms.
  • Distribute screening results letter to parents.

Otoaccoustic Emissions (OAE) hearing screening technology, a highly accurate test to detect hearing loss, is used to perform the screening.  Using the OAE hearing screening machine trained volunteers check the ear’s response to sound by placing a very sensitive microphone into the ear canal. OAE hearing screenings work extremely well for young children because they take less than a minute, are completely non-invasive and do not require the child to confirm or respond to the tones.

While the OAE screening is accurate, it is not a diagnostic tool.  Parents will be encouraged to share the screening results with their child’s healthcare provider for further review and action.

If you are interested in offering free hearing screenings for children served by your childcare center or would like additional information, please contact us.

This is a young girl we provided a free hearing screening for.

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Cute happy little girl (4 years old) with hearing aid

Schedule a Hearing Screening Event

If you are interested in offering free hearing screenings for children served by your childcare center, preschool or church or would like additional information please contact us.