The Sertoma Club of York is pleased to support the Buck-A-Book Program sponsored by the York County Literacy Council through volunteer service hours.

The BUCK A BOOK Reading Program is a motivational reading program held in York County Schools rewarding students for reading and raising money to help others!

The dollars raised through the BUCK A BOOK reading program support York County Literacy Council (YCLC).  YCLC provides classes for adults in York County who are not able to read. In addition, YCLC has GED classes to instruct students as they work to pass their GED exam.  Health literacy, computer literacy, financial literacy and workplace literacy is also taught in classes and through workshops. Volunteer tutors are trained to provide one-to-one literacy training for adult students.  YCLC teaches both native born adults as well as English as a Second Language Students.  It is estimated there are approximately 40,000 adults in York County who are functionally illiterate.

elementary students

Learn More About The Literacy Council

If you are interested in learning more about the programs and services provided by the York County Literacy Council please visit their website.